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Vedic AstroGPT provides Artificial Intelligence astrology service based on ancient Vedic Astrology. Quickly receive answers to your astrological inquiries, using our AI Astrologer. Ideal for those searching for "astrologers near me".

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Pawan Paudel

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  • Insightful Astrological Guidance
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  • Current Time, Love, Education Careers and all your general astrological queries

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As our system is in BETA, pricing scheme are subject to change.

Krishna Upadhyay

AI Astrologer Veteran

Coming Soon
The pricing options will be available after the release of the astrologer.

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Get answers to most asked questions about Vedic Astrology, AI Astrology and AI Astrologers

Vedic astrology, a tradition over 7,000 years old, originates from Nepal and India. It is among the most detailed astrological systems still in use, grounded in precise sidereal astronomy. Recognized for its secular and mathematical approach, Vedic astrology steers clear of superstitions and relies on a profound understanding of astronomical principles.
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AI Astrology combines artificial intelligence with traditional Vedic astrology in Vedic AstroGPT. It employs AI to understand user inquiries, using pattern recognition and analysis based on Vedic astrological texts. The interpretations offered are grounded in the principles of Vedic astrology. Large Language Models (LLMs) are utilized to provide answers and guidance, ensuring a blend of ancient astrological wisdom and modern AI technology.
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For any inquiries, feedback, or support, feel free to email us at [email protected].
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We prioritize user privacy and data security, ensuring that all interactions and information are kept confidential
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Limitations include generalization, lack of individual circumstance information, AI understanding limitation, no transit support, and data quality dependency.
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Vedic AstroGPT offers accessible astrological insights but recommends consulting with certified professional astrologers for personalized analysis.
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Advantages include comprehensive analysis, accessibility, instant insights, cost-effectiveness, anonymity, consistency, record-keeping, and ease of use.
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Interpretations are rooted in Vedic astrology, analyzing natal chart, planetary positions and aspects, signs and their relationships, and dasha periods.
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Free services include personality analysis and two tryouts for specified questions.
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Due to the costs associated with large language models, providing the service entirely for free is not feasible at the moment.
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Vedic AstroGPT aims to democratize Vedic astrology, making it accessible globally and empowering individuals with self-awareness and guidance.
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