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How Vedic AstroGPT works ?


In this blog, we will try to explain how Vedic AstroGPT works to provide you with astrological insights based on your questions. We’ll break down the process into easy-to-understand steps.

  1. Creating Your Cosmic Map: Our journey begins with the creation of your natal birth chart (or Kundali). This chart is like a cosmic map, showing where the stars and planets were located at the exact moment you were born. To create this map, we need your date of birth, time, and place of birth.

  2. Question Time: When you ask a question: - If it’s something that astrology can’t answer, we’ll let you know right away. - If it’s a question that astrology can delve into, our system chooses the best astrological method to find the answer.

  3. Diving into the Astrological Ocean: With the chosen method, we explore your birth chart and the special planetary periods known as Dasha periods to gather insights regarding your question.

  4. Crafting Your Answer: A Large Language Model (LLM) then takes these astrological interpretations and crafts a simple, easy-to-understand answer. We also share the detailed astrological analysis with you, so you can see the thought process behind the answer if you wish.

The entire process is grounded in revered astrological texts and references including, but not limited to, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra by Maharishi Parashara, Jaimini Upadesha Sutras by Maharishi Jaimini, and Brihat Jataka by Varahamihira.

The process behind Vedic AstroGPT is a blend of ancient astrological wisdom and modern AI technology, working together to provide answers to your questions. By understanding how Vedic AstroGPT works, you can better appreciate the insights it offers and how they are derived. So, feel free to ask your questions and explore the astrological insights waiting for you on Vedic AstroGPT.

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