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5 Best AI Astrology Websites : A Complete Comparison Guide (New Tools)

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Astrology has been our cosmic GPS. Vedic, Western, Chinese, or any other form, each brings its unique view on how the stars relate to us. In the West, people swear by their horoscopes, while Vedic astrology traces back to the Vedas, ancient Sanskrit scripts central to Hindu beliefs. Beyond daily horoscopes, these systems have long provided insights into our character, relationships, and life paths using the stars as a guide

With the rise of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has given a fresh spin to age-old astrology, making personalized readings available in your pocket. These AI astrology websites combine traditional astrological wisdom with AI algorithms to offer fast, affordable and reliable predictions.

In this piece, let's dive into the world of AI astrology websites. We'll spotlight five leading platforms and break down their offerings, pros, cons, accuracy, and pricing. Our goal? To help you navigate and pick the right platform for your online astrological readings from an AI.

1. Vedic AstroGPT

Infused with the profound wisdom of ancient Vedic astrology from the East, Vedic AstroGPT seamlessly integrates with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI language models, particularly GPT-4 and GPT-3.5-turbo.Despite having launched merely three months ago, it has already witnessed exponential growth, registering more than 100,000 sign-ups.


  1. You can ask your own astrological questions tailored to your needs.
  2. Rooted in Vedic Astrology, it offers detailed analysis for astrology enthusiasts, while presenting summarized answers for the everyday users.
  3. Living up to its promises, the platform provides prompt answers to your astrological concerns, responding within just a few minutes.
  4. Vedic AstroGPT offers consistent service since its inception.
  5. The platform is intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and obtain insights.
  6. As part of the registration, a detailed personality check verifies the authenticity of the entered birth details, establishing confidence in the system's accuracy before attempting any queries.


  1. One potential limitation is its pricing after the few free questions.
  2. Occasionally, there are moments when the response time feels endless, highlighting an area needing attention.

Pricing Model

Two free questions are provided to users, after which charges apply.

First-Hand Experience

The platform operates smoothly, providing in-depth, as well as summarized answers and accurate insights as promised.

2. Ask The Oracle

Fueled by OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo, Ask The Oracle extends services ranging from astrology readings to dream interpretation, tarot reading, and numerology, grounded in Western astrology.


  1. Features a chatbot for zodiac sign-based chart reading, dream interpretations, and tarot reading.
  2. The user interface is intuitive.
  3. Introduces a fun aspect with a zodiac-based love calculator.


  1. Provides generalized insights.
  2. Lacks depth in personalized analysis, relying merely on zodiac signs and overlooking important topics in astrology like planetary positions and current time period.
  3. More of an entertainment platform than a tool for precise future predictions.

Pricing Model

Completely free till now.

3. Kundali GPT

An AI Vedic Astrologer Chatbot, Kundali GPT is designed to provide you with personalized astrological readings and answers to your questions based on your kundli.It utilizes vedic astrology (eastern astrology) knowledge by generating your kundali chart from your birth details .


  1. Accessible both as a mobile app and website.
  2. Web version grants free questions, while the app operates on a subscription model.


  1. The free version is ad-supported.At times, the site's user interface is compromised by intrusive ads.
  2. Responses are very short.
  3. Site is often down for maintenance.

Pricing Model

Web usage is free with ads, mobile app has a subscription approach.

First Hand Experience

Web version had issues, but the app provided short answers.

4. Jeffrey Celavie

An integration of AI with Vedic, Western, and Chinese astrological systems, Jeffrey Celavie employs NASA Astronomical data to uncover your Astral Map and Zodiac Horoscope.


  1. Claims to harness artificial intelligence and machine learning for astrological predictions.


  1. The website was inaccessible during our review.

Pricing Model

Unknown due to site issues.

5. AstroNidan

AstroNidan blends personalized astrology with machine learning, leaning on Eastern Astrology. A unique touch is its integration of Ayurveda, examining one's Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha.


  1. Free access to general characteristics.
  2. Incorporates Ayurvedic principles to analyze the Ayurveda Doshas.


  1. Specialized services, like marriage consultation, are only available as a paid service.
  2. Free analysis are mere generalized astrological readings which may not be personalized to your own birth chart.
  3. You cannot ask your own questions.
  4. Some sections like career, are still under development, limiting its current offerings.

Pricing Model

Basic readings are free, specialized consultations come at a price.

Star AstroGPT

Star AstroGPT is poised to revolutionize the world of astrology with its cutting-edge AI-driven services. Catering to a diverse audience, the app seamlessly integrates both Western and Vedic astrology practices. Currently, Star AstroGPT's offerings include AI Kundali, matchmaking, numerology, astrochart analysis, solstice predictions, and tarot readings. Although the app's current version features a limited range of services and availability, the developers have laid out a comprehensive roadmap. The strategic plan promises to gradually introduce a full suite of features, enhancing the user experience over time.

Pricing Model

Star Astro GPT offers two plans:

  1. Star AstroGPT Plan 1: Free Plan - Every new user for Star AstroGPT automatically gets access to the Free Plan, offering basic astrology insights.
  2. Star AstroGPT Plan 2: Premium Plan ($1/month) - For just $1 per month, upgrade to the Premium Plan to access more precise astrology information and premium features.

Through this overview, we've aimed to shed some light on the exciting world of AI-powered astrology sites.Choosing the right astrology website depends on what you're looking for. Want detailed Vedic insights? Check out Vedic AstroGPT or Kundali GPT. For quick and fun astrological bits, Ask The Oracle might be your go-to. And if you're keen on blending astrology with Ayurveda, AstroNidan is the spot.

Choosing the right astrology website is all about what catches your eye and resonates with your needs. Whether you're after deep dives, quick peeks, or a mix of both, there's an AI astrology site out there for you. Dive in and explore!

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